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Documenting Honest & Heartfelt Love Stories


one day.
a million memories.

And it will be jam-packed with laughter, love and tears of joy.

The perfect combination of beauty and spontaneity, family and friends.​​​​​​

And you. Marrying your one and only.

But, how do you go about capturing one day, and a million special moments, so you can hold onto them forever?

You hire a great team of photographers.

Your wedding day only happens once.

We're a group of friends and photographers who continue to fall more and more in love with the process of documenting love stories. And we think weddings are pretty freakin' incredible. To witness, to watch. And to photograph.

And even with a combined 40 years and over 500 weddings between us, that magic never gets old.

Using documentary-style photography, we stick to telling the full story of your day. The people and love that surround you. The planned and unplanned events. The purely candid, and emotional moments, too! And we combine it all with our eye for detail and creative portraiture.

We are Sungold Studios.

a wedding photography collective

Because you and your future loves deserve timeless, honest, and heartfelt photos of this one magical day.

here's how It works:

If you're like most couples, your mind is buzzing with questions right about now... "What exactly is a collective?" "How many hours of coverage do we need?", "Do we need an engagement session?"

And, "For the love of all things weddings, how do we choose the right photographer?"

We've got you!

We help out with the important yet overwhelming task of choosing the perfect photographer by matching you up with one {or two} of ours.

And since our team has consulted, collaborated, and created together for years you can feel confident that you’ll receive the same high-end service, boutique experience, and timeless images ​​​​​​​no matter which one of us you work with.


the process

You like what you see so far, and you're thinking we might be compatible. Love it! Let's set up a time to chat. Tell us what you're looking for in a photographer, and share all the juicy details about your wedding. We're all ears.

the details

step one

step two

We'll match you up with the perfect photographer from our team, by taking into account all that we've come to learn about you; your needs, your style, your wedding, and your personalities. We just love a good match!

the match

We believe that the connection between photographer and couple is insanely valuable to creating natural and heartfelt photos! So each one of our collections includes an option for an engagement session. By working with and getting toknow your photographer before your big day, you'll not only swoon over your photos but... your newfound friendship too.

the connection

step three

step four

As a team, we pour our heart and soul into providing you with an incredible experience from start to finish. And that doesn't stop with photography. As we guide and advise you throughout the planning process, we'll communicate with timely responses, streamlined processes, and a positive can-do attitude- before, during, and after your event.

the boutique experience

We focus on cutting through the trends with a style that is true-to-life, clean, and intentional. Because that heirloom that you pass down isn't just an album full of pictures. It's the legacy you carry forward.

Forever tell your story through images that are romantic, candid, natural, and colorful.

Full of light and full of love.


our signature style

See for yourself. ​​​​​​​

Throughout our website, we showcase photos taken by each and every one of us.

And, you'd be hard-pressed to pinpoint whose is whose.

As a collective, we are consistent and cohesive.

What you see... is what you get.

What you see is what you get.

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